Extra Mile Award
For those callers and cuers that go that Extra Mile
without personal gain
in giving freely of their time and talents
to the square dance community


Name Area
2023 Earl & Carol Collins Central
2019 Mark Fetzer Northeast
2017 Terri Wilaby Northwest
2016 Susan Snider Northeast
2014 David Muller Northwest
Chris Phillips Southeast
2011 Sandy Sturgis Northwest
Scotty Scharrer Southeast
2010 Ernie Rollen Northeast
Patti Ping Northwest
Jack Lewis Southeast
2009 Pat Hagen West Coast
Keith Stevens West Coast
2008 Lon Ligon Northesast
Roland Morin Central
2007 Charlie Pergrossi Northeast
Sam Dunn West Coast
Bob Poyner Northwest
2006 Bill Chesnut Northeast
Lisa Wall Northeast
Skip Cleland Central
1994 Paul & Nita Walker Northeast
1993 Al Guthrie Southeast
19?? Henri Arsenault Southeast
19?? Frank Bedell Southeast

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