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You will need to fill in your Association and Insurance Chairperson information.

Forms may be filled out in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF File.

All insurance forms can be filled out and printed or emailed from this site.

When filling out any of the forms please put all names in alphabetical order.

All forms requiring money or signature must be mailed with the check to your Association Insurance Chairman.

Clubs should address all correspondence to their Association Insurance Chairman.

USDA Insurance Policy (Condensed Form)
PDF Version Microsoft Word Version
This is a 2 page form

USDA Insurance Information Packet
PDF Version Microsoft Word Version
This is a 3 page form

USDA Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
PDF Version Microsoft Word Version
This is a 3 page form

...last updated 3/4/2023...
Current insurance premium is (?) $5.25 per member
Minimum clubs, 8 members or less, are a flat $45.00 per club

PLEASE NOTE(3/4/2023): For Uniformity and Consistency The Insurance Forms Are No Longer
Association Specific; they do not specify a Year, and do not have Insurance Chairperson names.
Therefore each Association has the same generic form on their insurance page!
Do check with your Association (or their webpage) as Insurance Chairperson names have not
been updated since March, 2023 and there may be change !
Enter the Year and Association Name on the Form and forward to the appropriate Association
Chairperson or the Federation Coordinator.

Northwest Northeast Central West Coast Southeast

Send the Florida Federation Insurance Chairman a note

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