The West Coast Association Continues to Exist But In An Inactive Status.
However the Association supports the DANCERgram Newsletter and The Federation Website.
The Many Clubs That Belonged To The Association Are Still Dancing !

West Coast Area content that follows reflects the WC Association as it was in 2022.
For up to date information on area dancing and events visit the DANCERgram website - the link is below.


West Coast Corporation Officers and County Contacts

The West Coast Association


Calendar of West Coast Events

Area Clubs, Dances and Lessons

Square and Round Dance News For
The West Coast of Florida

70th Florida State Square
& Round Dance Convention

January 16-18, 2025

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Click Here For the November 9, 2024 Benefit Dance Flyer

73rd National Square Dance Convention
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 26-29, 2024

74th National Square Dance Convention
Shreveport, Louisianan

June 25-28, 2025

75th National Square Dance Convention
Waco, Texas

June 24-27, 2026

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