These are just a few of our huge assortment of dangles.
Fun bar prices start at $1.50 for any of our stock sayings or you can furnish your own.

Dangles are just $1.00
with Tie-Tac back  -  $1.50

Specialty Dangles - $1.25
Purple Heart, Exhibitionist, 2 Layer Crock Pot, Turtle
  AIR HAMMER Dance barefoot on concrete  
  ALLEY CAT Dance in an alley  
  AMATEUR CALLER Dance to a beginning caller  
  APPLE MUNCHERS Dance while eating apples  
  APRIL FOOL Dance on April 1st  
  BALLOONIST Dance with balloon between knees or tied to feet  
  BANDIT Steal a banner  
  BAR-B-QUE Dance at an outdoor bar-b-que  
  BAREFOOT Dance in bare feet  
  BLACK CAT Dance on Friday the 13th or on Halloween  
  BLACK OUT Dance during a black out  
  BLACK SHEEP Do an entire different dance that what the caller is calling  
  BLIND MOUSE Entire square dances blindfolded  
  BOOKWORM Dance in a library  
  BOOT & BAGS Tie bags to your feet and dance  
  BOOT SNATCHER Remove the callers boots while he is calling  
  BROKEN THERMOMETER Dance in extreme heat, over 100 degrees  
  BROOM Dance with one  
  BURGER DANCER Dance at a place that sells hamburgers  
  BUS BADGE Dance in a bus - or as transportation
  CALLER HAULER Help the caller set-up
  CALLER'S REVENGE Caller calls tip no one can do
  CANDLE LIGHTER dance by candle light
  CARAVAN Travel to a dance in three or more cars
  CARPET BAGGERS Dance on a rug
  CHRISTMAS Self explanatory
  CHURCH MOUSE Dance in a church
  COMPUTER The caller calls a number ( from 1-1 2) simple basics
to correspond to the basics listed on poster boards
set up around the hall
  CUCKOO Callers revenge, for the idiot party
  CRACKPOT Dance in a bathroom
  CRAZY SQUARE Do crazy stunts while dancing
  CRIMSON HEART For any injury drawing blood while dancing
  DUM DUM AWARD For a really dumb mistake
  EAGER BEAVER Dance 7 nights in a row
  EXHIBITIONIST Show off for non-dancers
  FANNY BUSTER For those how hit the ground while dancing
  FIRE CRACKER Dance on the 4th of July
  FIRST NIGHT Of a class or new club
  GENERATION GAP Dance with teens or younger
  GHOST Dance with only 7 people in a square  
  GLOW WORM Dance in the dark or under black light  
  GOON Dance in a restaurant  
  GRASSHOPPER Dance in the grass  
  HALLOWEEN Celebrate Halloween at a dance  
  HARD LUCK Have hard luck going to or coming from a dance  
  HOSPITAL Dance in a hospital  
  HOT MIKE 3 callers calling the same tip  
  HUGGIN BUG Hug one who wears the badge  
  HURRICANE Dance during one  
  IDIOT Dance in P.J.'s or wake up a caller and have him call  
  INTERNATIONAL Dance an exhibition for people from a foreign country  
  JAIL BIRDS Dance in a jail  
  KENTUCKY COLONEL Dance with 3 bearded men in the same square  
  KISSIN KUZZIN One who is, kisses one who isn't   -   $1.50
Must be wearing lips and in full view of partners
  KNEE KNOCKERS Dance in Bermuda shorts  
  K.P. SQUARES Dance in a kitchen  
  LAMPLIGHTERS Dance under a street light  
  LEAP YEAR Dance on February 29th ( Specify boy or girl)  
  LEMON TEASER Suck lemons while dancing in front of caller  
  LIFE SAVER Any dancer who saves your life by filling for you  
  MOONLIGHTER Dance in the moonlight  
  MOTHER Dance on Mother's Day  
  MUMMY Wrap caller in toilet paper while he is calling  
  MYSTERY CALLER Dance to a mystery caller  
  MYSTERY TRIP Go to a dance where only one person knows the location  
  NITE OWL Dance more or less all night long  
  NURSE AID Dance in a nursing home  
  OLD HEN Dance with 4 couples - all women  
  OLD TIMER Belong to a club for 5 years
  OSCAR For the dancer brave enough to call a tip
  OUT HOUSE For sitting out a tip in the bathroom or dance in a real outhouse
  PANTS SNATCHER Self explanatory
  PARADE SQUARE Dance in a parade or on a float
  PICKLE EATER Dance at a picnic
  PIZZA TWIRLER Dance in a pizza place
  PROFESSOR Demonstrating the art of square dancing in a school
  PUDDLE JUMPER Dance outside after a rain storm
  PURPLE HEART Dance with 3 callers in the same square
  PURPLE TOE For a purple toe received while dancing
  RED DEVIL For the little devil that's always causing trouble
  RETRIEVER Retrieving a banner
  ROAD RUNNER Visit a club 50 miles away
  ROLLER SKATER Dance on roller skates
  ROOSTER Four couples dancing together - all male
  ROVER Travel 1,000 miles away and dance
  ROYAL BADGER Collect at least 12 badges
  RUNNING BEAR Dancing barefoot
  SHIRT SNATCHER Steal the shirt off the caller's back
  SIAMESE 8 couples dancing arm in arm as one square
  SINGING CALLS Dance to them all evening  
  SPOTLIGHTER Dance under one or while flashlight is turned on your square  
  SQUARE ANGEL Help with a class  
  SQUIRRELY DANCE Eat peanuts while dancing  
  STINKER The entire square walks off the floor while caller is calling  
  STRIPPER Lose something while dancing  
  SUPER ANGEL Given by the caller for the dancer
who has helped in 5 or more classes
  TRAFFIC STOPPER Stop traffic while dancing  
  TV SQUARE Dance on TV  
  VALENTINE SQUARE Dance on that day  
  VENUS Dance without using your hands  
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