In Service Since 1980

Handling all your engraving needs - Club, Class, Church, Home, Office, Special Events,
Schools, Campground, Service Organizations, etc.

If you need an item designed, we'll be glad to assist you with your needs.
 Sample Badge design only, Sent for your approval.

All custom Designed logos created by Suzie Q Creations are the property of Suzie Q Creations
and cannot be duplicated by any other badge companies without express written permission
from Suzie Q Creations.  Persons disregarding this notice will be subject to set-up and design fees at any time.

No need to buy in large quantity.
Only order what you need.
We offer fair, low prices on all items.
Prices subject to change due to oil-plastic & mailing increases

You should receive your order within 2-3 weeks.

Shipping & Handling
Minimum Shipping Charge  -  $3.50
1-10 Badges  -  $3.50
Everything else shipped by weight.

Badges with magnetic fasteners are shipped by weight.

Dangles  -- $3.50 per one hundred

Is there something special you are looking for?

A special badge, bar or dangle, but you don't see it here on the web site.

Don't despair.  We didn't have enough room to add everything we can do.

Give us a call, tell us what you are thinking about.
Chances are, we can do it.  Just give us a try!

Our only limitation  -  is your imagination.

Your friendly Engravers

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PHONE # (407) 766-8020
Fax (407) 894-1049


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