Have a "Fun Night"...

We've never done this before -- will we be able to do the dances?
Absolutely! Square dancing is ideal for parties and groups of beginners. It comes from a tradition of community dances for people who didn't have a lot of time to practice dancing. The basics of square dancing are very simple and involve no fancy footwork.

How much time do you need?
It's your party - you tell me how much time I have. I'm glad to help out with any birthday announcements, speeches, presentations, and such. I'm there to accommodate your needs, and can call as little or as much as you would like. A typical dance is 2 hours.  If you want to have a dinner or other activities half way through, that is fine, as se can dance more and there will be no additional charge unless 4 hours total has passed.

How many people and how much planning do I need?
Parties of all different sizes and budgets work. I've called for one hard-core square of 8 on a back deck, water and sodas only; and for many years I've called an annual elegantly-catered party on a parquet floor overlooking a vineyard for dozens of guests - square dancing is a user-friendly activity and almost any kind of event that features it will work!

What will the caller need?
I need a table (a 6 footer is good) and access to electrical power.

How much do you charge?
I charge much less than a DJ for a real different kind of night. I charge $150 for a dance of 2 hours less.  After that I charge$30.00 per half hour.  This quotation is based on a radius of 40 miles and events other than a wedding or large affair.

What is your typical square dance for beginners like?
It varies from dance to dance, of course, depending on the group's age, energy level, experience, ability, how much of the program is given to dancing and many other factors.

I've called for pre-schools, for assisted -living senior centers and the whole gamut in between, but a typical dance for adults with no experience would look like this:  I start in a large circle and have everyone "coupled up".  I start with basic such as "circle left and right", teach who each dancer's partner and corner are and moving to music.  I then have each couple get into squares of 4 couples and then the "square" dancing begins.  I teach basics and make up the choreography on the spot with the basic calls I have taught each time.  I then take that choreography and put it to a "singing call" such as "Zippity Do Dah", "Oh Susannah", tunes familiar to the dancers.  Each time the dancers get up to dance, they will dance what has so far been instructed and new calls are added to enhance the choreography.  The first time dancers are actually square dancing.

But again, it is your party. Some groups can't get enough dancing - other groups dance only a little because they have a lot of other stuff to do or because they prefer to sit and socialize. I'm there to help your party work, however it goes, and I will talk to you during the party to be sure we're on the same page.


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